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Boat Info

Picture of a boat BoatInfo is a small program that will take some known information about the performance of a boat and calculate other information.

You supply the information that you know and it will calculate any other information that it can. E.G. if you enter the cost of fuel, the capacity of the fuel tank and the fuel consumption, Boat Info will calculate the cost of filling the tank, how long the boat will run for on a single fill and the cost per hour of running the boat.

The information that it will work out (given the appropriate known data) is:

  • Cruising speed
    • Knots
    • MPH
    • KPH
  • Maximum speed
    • Knots
    • MPH
    • KPH
  • Fuel consumption (litres per hour)
  • Fuel capacity (litres)
  • Duration (hours)
  • Range
    • Nautical miles
    • Miles
    • Kilometres
  • Fuel cost (pence per litre)
  • Cost
    • Per hour
    • Per nautical mile
    • Per mile
    • Per kilometre
    • Of fill
Filesize: 288k
Filetype: ZIP
Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2
Licence: Freeware
Cost: £0.00
Limitations: None

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